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Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Key and Fob

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If you are a Las Vegas history buff you'll love this authentic room fob and key.  If you are new to Las Vegas read up on the famous Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino and you'll find this collectible a must!  Let us incorporate it into a clip on tassel that's sure to bring you luck on your next trip to Las Vegas! 

Caesar's Palace opened 1966 and remains today as a landmark on the famous Las Vegas Strip.  However now that it boasts over 3700 rooms, these keys have long been replaced with electronic cards.  Not only does Caesar's attract high rollers, it boasts concerts like Celine Dion, Elton John and some of the most exciting boxing events. 

But let's roll it back a few 1967 Frank Sinatra started appearing at Caesar's after a fallout down the street at The Sands.  Also at the end of the sixties, Evil Knievel attempted a jump at Caesar's that landed him in the parking lot at The Dunes next door and in a hospital for 29 days.  Other great performers of the day included Liberace, Tony Bennett, Milton Berle and Cher just to name a very few.

If you love to stay at Caesar's today or just love Vegas memorabilia this is a conversation piece!

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