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Fabric Headbands with Fancy Flowers in Assorted Colors

$ 36.95


Product Details

Headband is made of fabric and ties in the back, so that it fits any size! All of the bands except the leather are reversible! Flowers are pinned on and can be detached for different looks!

Descriptions from left to right:

FFH1- Brown Swirl/Chevron with Purple Diamond Flower

FFH2- Dark Brown Leather with Purple Oval Flower

FFH3- Turquoise Swirl/Solid with Silver Purple Flower

FFH4- Turquoise Solid/Swirl with Silver Turquoise Flower

FFH5- Black Flower/Solid with Red Diamond Flower

FFH6- Red & Black Swirl/Black Swirl with Red Oval Flower

FFH7- Blue Swirl/Chevron with Brown Oval Flower

FFH8- Brown Flower/Burlap with Brown Oval Flower

FFH9- Black Swirl/Red & Black Swirl with Black Diamond Flower

FFH10-Black Flower/Solid with Black Oval Flower

FFH11-Orange Swirl/Brown Swirl with Orange Flower

FFH12-Brown Swirl/Chevron with Orange Flower

FFH13-Burlap/Brown Flower with Burlap Flower

FFH14- Dark Leather with Burlap Flower

FFH15- Blue Swirl/Chevron with Blue Diamond Flower

FFH16-Brown Chevron/Swirl with Blue Diamond Flower

FFH17-Light Leather with Turquoise Oval Flower

FFH18-Dark Leather with Turquoise Oval Flower

FFH19-Light Leather with Turquoise Diamond Flower

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